The Benefits of being affiliated

The Benefits of being affiliated to the National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy

  1. The benefits attached to such affiliation (membership)  at an annual affiliation fee of R600, is briefly as follows:  (Please note that in terms of the Constitution of the NAPCP  all Associations for Persons with Physical Disabilities (APD’s) are also considered affiliates of the NAPCP,  but as originally agreed,  they do not pay an affiliation fee to the NAPCP)
  2. Attendance at the annual meetings and conferences of the NAPCP, which provides a forum where representatives country wide can exchange information and ideas and also contribute their knowledge and expertise.
  3. Access to information on cerebral palsy.
  4. Bringing to the notice of the NAPCP and its committees   (including the Education and Lifespan Committees) matters which should be addressed at national level.
  5. Giving input at various levels in order to promote the cause for persons with cerebral palsy at national, provincial and local level.
  6. Contact with other role players in the field of cerebral palsy and physical disabilities.
  7. When there are sufficient funds the NAPCP will make available grants towards projects and to individuals (for study and assistive devices).   Only affiliates of the NAPCP  will be entitled to submit applications for such grants.
  8. The aim of the NAPCP is to bring together all organisations/institutions/projects catering for persons with cerebral palsy (children and adults) in order to establish a national forum which could  provide an opportunity to advance and promote services for persons with cerebral palsy at all levels.
  9. Voting members can make a valuable contribution to the activities and running of the NAPCP  by taking an active part in its activities and deliberations.




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