Browns' School


The school (established 1969) traditionally catered for cerebral palsy learners and now includes learning disabled, attention deficit, delayed language development, syndrome affected and autistic learners.

The staff complement is as follows:

Principal Dave Smyth
Secretary Dawn Nuns-Smith


It is our mission to give special needs children the hope of a better future through specialized help in a nurturing, caring environment.


In 1955 a group of concerned mothers began fundraising for facilities for C.P. children. Wishing to remain anonymous, they called themselves “The Browns”. By 1963 the growing facilities were regularly beyond the capacity of the group to manage and the Education Department became involved. The first meeting of a school board was held on 30 November 1964. The KZN Cerebral Palsy Association became the sponsoring body for the school in September 1969. The current buildings were completed and occupied in January 1979.



We have classes from Grade R to Grade 9 for learning disabled, attention deficit, delayed language development and some syndrome affected learners. We follow the RNCS and Grade 9 write the provincial C.T.A. A facility for autistic learners has developed where 7 classes serve 56 learners. The focus here is developing life skills and fulfilling individual potential. The school has traditionally catered for cerebral palsy affected learners, and we have 5 special classes catering for physical disability / C.P. The focus here is life skills and fulfilling individual potential. In total we have 34 class groups and a learner enrolment of 396.


A KZN Education subsidy provides 50% of our budget. Parent paid school fees and fundraising provide 50%. We also receive continued assistance in different ways from our sponsoring body.


We employ 50 governing body paid staff and have 67 state paid staff. Competent and motivated staff is our primary resource for which we are highly appreciative. Human resource administration difficulties within KZN Education have negatively impacted recruitment and delivery of service but we continue to develop a positive relationship with the Department to solve difficulties. All our success is due to the combined effort of a very good staff. We desire to provide ongoing training and development for staff within our financial means.


We have Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Remedial teachers and a nurse. A paediatrician, ENT and an Orthopaedic Specialist offer clinics to our learners as needed. Our staff offers time to the community in an autistic advisory service and a general advisory service, which are essentially clinics.


We aim to implement departmental policy and serve any child who will benefit from the programs we offer. We receive many more applications than we have staff or space for. Our admissions committee meets weekly or more frequently as needed and consider each referral, reaching a decision as follows:

  • Admission - Parents are invited to visit and enroll the learner
  • Candidate for admission but due to full classes will be on the waiting list.
  • Non-admission – We will try to suggest an alternative to assist if possible.

The committee decision is communicated in writing wherever possible to the referral source or parent.


  • Recent school reports and academic record
  • Welfare reports, psychological assessments, therapists reports
  • Details of medical history and medication


A fleet of 10 buses assists in the transport of learners. Fees are payable to access the transport.


Currently we have 24 boys and 13 girls in our hostel. To reduce costs the hostel is closed on weekends and in 2008 will require children to assist preparing meals.


Participation is encouraged. Sport is timetabled into the day. Soccer, ball games, swimming, athletics days and fun events are planned for participation rather than competition. Disabled sport includes Boccia and wheelchair basketball.


We are grateful for the valuable help of volunteers who make a large contribution in many ways. 

Clinic address & contact details:

28 Mariannridge Drive Private Bag X04
Mariannhill Park Ashwood
3610 3605
Tel:  +27 31 700 3535
Fax: +27 31 700 3112 Website Address:



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