Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern cape)

Registered non-profit organisation: npo 003 - 150

The Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape) was established in Port Elizabeth, in 1955. The primary mission of the Association is to encourage, assist and care for all persons affected by cerebral palsy, and assist them to attain their maximum potential and independently integrate into the community.

The Association is a registered Non-Profit Organisation, and is affiliated to the National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy in South Africa. The Association presently operates from its own premises in Port Elizabeth. It has a small permanent staff, ably assisted by a network of volunteers. The Association is directed by an Executive Management Committee of 12 members, who are elected bi-annually and serve on a voluntary basis. 

Current Executive Committee membership:

Chairperson: Dr Anthony Albers
Deputy Chairperson: Mr Wynand Breytenbach
Treasurer:  Mr Ralph Boettiger
Members: Dr Nadine Lang
  Mr Raymond Drake
  Mr Tony Opperman
  Mrs Yvonne Anderson
  Mr Johan Steyn
  Mr Andre van der Merwe
  Mr Bongile Sigab

Staff complement:

Staff: Mrs Heather Rheeder (Association Secretary, Finance, General Manager)
  Mr Jonathan Rheeder (Project Manager, SILC)
  Ms Tilly Strijdom (Marketing & Fundraising)
  Mr Joey Deyzel (Events, Parent's Support)
  Mr Shane Clarke (KnowCP, Sensitization)
  Ms Lynn-Mari de Lange (Public Relations & Fundraising)
  Ms Lauren Donley (KnowCP)
  Ms Anika Meyer (Hambisela)
  Ms Lorna McCoy (Hambisela)

CP Association (Eastern Cape) address & contact details:

54 Admiralty Way P O Box 12127
Summerstrand Centrahil
Port Elizabeth 6006
Tel:  +27 41 583 2130 E-mail: info@cerebralpalsy.org.za
Fax: +27 41 583 2306 Website Address: www.cerebralpalsy.org.za

The Eastern Cape Cerebral Palsy Association has a number of projects underway:

1. KnowCP - Information and resource center 

The Association identified a need to assist individuals and families affected by cerebral palsy to assist themselves, by providing information about cerebral palsy, and information about the resources available to assist persons and families affected by cerebral palsy, to serve the South African community.

Cerebral palsy affects individuals from all economic sectors, and all social and race groups. It is believed that cerebral palsy affects one individual in 400 births - which means that about 1600 children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy in South Africa each year. 


2. Hambisela - Make progress towards excellence in therapy for cerebral palsy

The mission of Hambisela is to improve the level and intensity of therapeutically-correct ongoing care received by individuals affected by cerebral palsy in the broad community, to enable them to realize their maximum life potential.


3. SILC - the Summerstrand Independent Living Centre

SILC's Mission is to enable individuals and families affected by cerebral palsy to live independently, integrate into the community, and attain their maximum life potential.


4. Vocational Programme

“Bridging the Gap between school and work” and transitioning to adulthood is often an overwhelming thought for many young people and their parents, even more so for those individuals with special needs.


5. Parents' Support Groups.

The Association hosts meetings of support groups for parents of children with cerebral palsy. These provide parents with a forum to develop a peer support network with other parents, interact with specialist therapists and other professionals in an informal environment, obtain some useful practical tips and advice to help them cope on a daily basis, and interact with the Association in order to facilitate further assistance.



2019 National Cerebral Palsy Conference

Johannesburg, 27-29 May 2019. Hosted by Forest Town School...


2018 NAPCP Roadshow

NAPCP is currently on a road show. MANCOM members are visiting in all the provinces to do a presentation on NAPCP, and get feedback from our affiliates.


Current Projects

Lotto Greenhouse Project

Schools for children with CP  ...


UN Convention Seminars

Aimed at informing learners ...



2018 NAPCP Roadshow

NAPCP is planning a road show which will take place in the second half of 2018.


Professor Faith Bischof serving on the International Affairs Committee (IAC) of the AACPDM

Professor Faith Bischof, Vice Chairman of NAPCP is currently serving on the International Affairs committee (IAC) of the AACPDM...