2018 National Cerebral Palsy Conference Feedback

Conference Feedback

Our National CP conference ,hosted by Muriel Brand school and the Gauteng CP Association was held at the Birchwood conference centre from the 21st to the 23rd May 2018. The theme of the conference was “Caring to Know. Knowing to Care”. It was attended by over 150 delegates who came from all over the country and included medical professionals, therapists, educators, social workers and representatives from the Education department and Social Welfare.

The conference program was diverse, and there was something for everybody. It was highly rated by the participants, and was one of our most successful conferences ever. Thanks to our hosts for all their hard work!

NAPCP is inviting offers from our affiliates to host the 2019 conference. All proceeds go to the host organisation.

Great venue and program!

Practical and informative AAC presentation

Closing ceremony - From left to right:
  Dr Esther Wallis, Conference Director
  Mrs Pinky Sithole: NAPCP Chair
  Prof Faith Bischof: NAPCP Vice Chair
  Dr Japie de Jager: Principal of Muriel Brand school
  Ms Gail Nicholson: Conference committee

Election of NAPCP Office Bearers

Election of the new management committee took place at the business meeting which was held at the conference. The office bearers are:


Chairperson: Mrs Pinky Sithole

Vice Chairperson: Prof Faith  Bischof

Treasurer: Mr Raoul Pienaar

Management committee: EXCO and the following members:

Mrs Mirriam Motaung.- Principal Philip Kushlick School

Mr Michael Ngobeni. - Sunshine Centre Elsburg

Ms Daphney Kubayana.- Social Worker Ratanang School

Provincial CP associations are now members of MANCOM, following changes to the constitution of NAPCP ratified at that meeting.



2019 National Cerebral Palsy Conference

Johannesburg, 27-29 May 2019. Hosted by Forest Town School...


2018 NAPCP Roadshow

NAPCP is currently on a road show. MANCOM members are visiting in all the provinces to do a presentation on NAPCP, and get feedback from our affiliates.


Current Projects

Lotto Greenhouse Project

Schools for children with CP  ...


UN Convention Seminars

Aimed at informing learners ...



2018 NAPCP Roadshow

NAPCP is planning a road show which will take place in the second half of 2018.


Professor Faith Bischof serving on the International Affairs Committee (IAC) of the AACPDM

Professor Faith Bischof, Vice Chairman of NAPCP is currently serving on the International Affairs committee (IAC) of the AACPDM...