Pevensey Place


A functional farm (established 1970), situated in the Underberg area, where Cerebral Palsied adults live and work.

The staff complement is as follows:

Director Jan Niemand
Secretary Jackie Dittberner


Our mission is firstly to provide full time accommodation and care for cerebral palsied and similarly afflicted adults of all races and sexual orientation. In the process we try to create a happy and safe environment resulting in the development and achievement of a productive, purposeful life for our Residents. Secondly we are in contact with similar organizations across Southern Africa, and envisage that we could channel any surplus funds that we generate to them if supplied with the requirements, then necessary control measurements and proof of the completed project.


In the late 1960’s a growing need for an institution taking care of adult people with cerebral palsy, was experienced in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa. In response to this need Pevensey Place was opened in 1972 as a joint venture between the national Round Table of South Africa and the KZN Cerebral Palsy Association. The institute is situated on an 80 ha farm in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg mountains, near the town of Underberg in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa.


The farm operates on a Kibbutz system, where every Resident is responsible for a task within his/her capability, whether it is assisting on the farm, assisting other Residents who are less mobile or more mentally impaired than themselves, helping in the kitchen, etc. Because all of the Residents are to a certain extent mentally and/or physically impaired, this serves to give them a sense of purpose in life and self worth.


Round Table’s are known all over the world for their unselfish attitude and good will towards the underprivileged, while the KZN Cerebral Palsy Association is a privately run organization with no state funding, who has to depend on the good will of individuals and organizations (and a lot of voluntary work) to raise funds to provide adequate facilities and an improved quality of living to these adults with cerebral palsy. The Pevensey Place Association is subsidised by the Department of Welfare.


The management of Pevensey Place’s affairs is vested in a committee consisting of a chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and members who are elected at the annual general meeting. All the executive functions of the committee are executed by the post of the director and his management staff. There are thirty staff members in total.



We have seven production units, each with a specific aim of bringing in an income for the Association. They are:

  • Welfare and voluntary services and fund-raising
  • Maintenance and handcraft
  • Homecraft
  • Accommodation, nursery and garden services
  • Farm management and poultry production
  • Meat production and provision services
  • Kitchen and catering services

The cattle, sheep, chickens and vegetables are grown for our own consumption and a fair amount of meat and egg production is sold to the public.


Our residents are encouraged to participate in many interactive activities, both at Pevensey Place itself and within the Underberg, Himeville and Inhlanhleni communities. These activities are in addition to the daily tasks all residents are required to perform. They include:

  • Sports events including cricket, soccer and participation in swimming galas
  • Community bicycle rides
  • Annual in-house sports competitions
  • Walking events organized by various interest groups
  • “Mountaineering” expeditions up local landmarks such as Underberg’s Hlogoma mountain
  • Trips up Sani Pass to assist in clearing up discarded rubbish
  • Trips to the seaside supported by Round Table
  • Reunions at schools that have been attended by the residents
  • Social interaction with visitors and the Pevensey community at the farm store which provides an outlet for
     handcraft, embroidery and potted plants, meat, eggs etc.
  • Contributing, compiling and editing of a quarterly newsletter and the “Weekly Scoop” outlining life at Pevensey
      Place as seen through residents eyes.
  • Discos and parties to celebrate anniversaries
  • Visits from students of neighbouring high schools who also introduce exchange students from abroad.
  • Keeping of individual pets and the responsibility that activity entails.
  • The ever-popular watching of television including DSTV programmes.

Clinic address & contact details:

A farm in Underberg Private Bag X313
Tel:  +27 33 701 1882 E-mail:
Fax: +27 33 701 1882 Website Address:



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